About Our Team

Years in Dental Industry

Jerry Martin, CDT


Jerry specializes in Crown and Bridge lab work and he has extensive training in Dental Implants. He has been certified by the National Association of Dental Labs for over 25 years.

Jerry worked as an apprentice for four years before entering the United States Navy. There he attended the Naval School of Dental Technology. After serving in the Navy for 4 years, he returned to the private sector. Jerry has a total of 33 years of experience in the dental industry.

Crown and Bridge lab work is our specialty!

Years in Dental Industry

Denise Cummings

Vice President / Office Manager

Denise served in a private dental practice as a Dental Technician for 15 years. She now serves as the Vice President of Peach State Dental Studio and manages all of the office operations.

Denise is the one who handles customer service at Peach State Dental Studio. If you need assistance, give her a call.